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Now then the mangaka(s)/ author(s) has finished the manga/book is it OUR TURN TO UNLEASH OUR IMAGINATION


The Red String of Connection (sesskag)

Awwwww this is sooo cute !!!!!!!! hihi and funny. I really like the way Kittylin-san is writing XD and i just LOVE the end i almost died of laugh the i imagine …………………….lol XD

Aaaa i just have to thanks kikyo in this story XD



Kikyo casts a spell to bring Inuyasha and her together but uses the wrong description of her target. Causing Kagome and Sesshoumaru to be attached together by an unbreakable red string. How will they ever become separated again?

Rating: K+
Universe: Canon
Status: Incomplete
Category: Chapter Stories
Created: 08 Oct 2009
Updated: 06 Dec 2009
Genre: Humor

Chapters: 7

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The Red String of Connection


WTMCO: When The Mask Comes Off


After freeing her and her friends from capture, Zuko has no choice but to care for a gravely injured Katara, who was left behind by accident. The trick? Keeping his face hidden so she doesn’t hurt herself even more by trying to fight him.

Rating: K
Status: complete
Category: Chapter Stories
Genre: Romance,Adventure
Chapters: 33

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WTMCO: When The Mask Comes Off

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